Make your hiring need easy with HR e-profile!

Our screening tests identify the best candidates for your job search, making your hiring decisions fast, easy and objective.

Through our screening tests, our platform delivers accurate psychological profiles for each of your potential new hires

Our 100% digital assessments predict working and interpersonal behavior 

Easy to read reports

We offer two methods of assessment:

Self-Assessment: Each candidate will complete several personality and behavioral tests through our platform by themselves, which will deliver an accurate HR Profile, helping you choose the best fit for each of your open job positions.

Assessment with specialized psychologist: Same format of Self-Assessment but adding a detailed online live interview done by our Specialized Psychologists. It also includes two Projective Personality Tests which can only be interpreted by one.

Discover who is the best candidate for your next hire

What do we test?

Our digital platform provides a variety of Personality tests which deliver a candidate´s working behavioral profile as well as their growth potential.

We test:

  • Intellectual skills
  • Working performance and growth potential
  • Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution
  • Motivation and work ethics
  • Leadership

How does it work?

How does it work?